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Chain Migration
January 16, 2018
President Trump  wants to end the "Chain Migration" policy in the U.S.. He recently cited the case of the man from Bangladesh that used a car to kill and severely injure many people near the site of ground zero and how he has brought twenty-some members of the family into the U.S.. That is possible but would likely involve a substantial period of time. "

IMMEDIATE RELATIVE OF U.S. CITIZENS A U.S.C. may petition for a spouse, minor child (under 18), and parents. These are "immediate relatives" in Immigration law and can be sponsored without any waiting period, other than the period necessary to adjudicate the Petition for Alien Relative (I-130 form) and the application for "Adjustment of Status" to Lawful Permanent Residence (Green Card). (If outside the U.S., the Petitioner files forms at a U.S. consulate) Note: President Trump has changed these applications substantially for the purpose of greater "vetting" of applicants.

NOV 2017
VISA For Dairy Farm Workers
A House subcommittee recently passed a proposed bill that would allow Dairy Farms to hire foreign workers. The current law for agricultural workers (H-2A) does not allow for year-round employment of workers, but only seasonal, so dairy farms have been unable to petition for workers in that category.
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