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If you want to establish a business in the USA or visit America for business purposes then you might need a USA Business Visa.
The B-1 VISITOR VISA is a frequently used visa for business visitors to attend to business activities for a temporary period in the U.S..  It is a simple application process (on-line) and does not usually require the services of a Lawyer.
Permitted activities include negotiating contracts, consultations with business associates, participation in seminars or conventions, and undertaking independent research.
The B-1 visa does not permit employment in the U.S..
Canadian citizens and Visa Waiver country members do not need a visa if the travel is less than 90 days.
Examples of doing business, include negotiating contracts, consultations with business associates, participation in seminars or conventions, and undertaking independent research. This can be a grey area. It is to your benefit to contact an Immigration Specialist Lawyer such as Stephen K. Tills. for answers. However, you do not always require a visa to conduct business on the United State, unless the following situation pertains to your business.
Your business trip to the US will last for more than 90 days (you MUST get a visa)
You will perform actual work in the US (you MUST get a visa)
You go on frequent and/or relatively long business trips to the US
How to Obtain a Business Visa
Each case must be well documented with supporting evidence proving that all legal requirements have been met. The relevant US Consulate or Embassy will then adjudicate the visa application. The visa may be issued for up to 10 years, but the visa holder will normally only be admitted to the US for 6 months at a time. Dependents of the visa holder (spouses and children) cannot obtain dependent visas, but may be able to get B-2 visas. Please contact us for more information regarding dependents and admissions
Why was my visa application was rejected?
If the application has not been completed as required, this could cost you additional time and/or government application fees. Also, a rejection may not mean that you do not qualify. It only means the form is rejected. This may cause stress for the individual. If you have time deadlines you may want to get an experienced immigration lawyer to assist you; to get it right the first time.You will have peace of mind with a professional visa lawyer on your side.
Employment Visa
Listed are work visas applying to many facets of life.
We handle all of the non-immigrant categories; the initial processing and extensions to your visa:

B1 & B2 - visitors for pleasure and for business
E1 & E2 - treaty investors and treaty traders
F1, M1 - students
H1A - registered nurses
H1B - professionals, performing a specialty occupation
H2A - agricultural workers
H2B - seasonal and short term workers
H3 - trainees
H4 - dependents
I - journalists, news media
J & Q - exchange visitors
K - fiancees
L - intracompany transferees
O - aliens of extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences or business
P - performing entertainers and athletes
P1 - internationally known athletes and entertainment groups
P2 - artists performing under a reciprocal exchange program
P3 - culturally unique entertainers
P4 - dependents
R - religious workers

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