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L-1 Visa Intra-Company Transfer
Intra-Company Transfer
An Intra-Company Transfer work permit (ICT) is applicable for the transfer of key staff into an American subsidiary company. Staff involved in an intra-company transfer must have been employed by their overseas company for a certain duration of time. Now it is one year. (This may change at any time without notice) prior to an intra-company transfer application. They require evidence that the assignee possesses the relevant company knowledge, experience and necessary qualifications in order for a transfer to the position to be fulfilled. You must be Executive, Manager or Specialized Knowledge Employee.
New Office in theUnited States of America
A non-US company may want to establish a subsidiary or branch in the United States of America (a New Office). This type of Visa is needed.
How long can I stay?
Executives and Managers (L-1A) may remain in the US for up to seven years. Specialized Knowledge Employees (L-1B) may remain in the US for up to five years. Note that L-1 employees could potentially become US legal permanent residents (green card holders). However, for green card purposes there are marked procedural differences between the L-1A and the L-1B categories.
How to Obtain an L-1 Visa?
Each L-1 case must be well documented with supporting evidence proving that all legal requirements are met. The first step is to file a petition with the Citizenship and Immigration Services at one of the four regional Service Centers. The next step is normally to obtain an L-1 visa from the applicable US Consulate or Embassy. Dependents of the L-1 holder (spouses and children) may obtain L-2 visas. L-2 spouses may later apply for work authorization in the US.

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