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Permanent Resident Employment
United States lawful permanent residency refers to a person's immigration status: the person is authorized to live and work in the United States of America on a permanent basis. Proper representation is needed. Prevent delays and ensure a speedy and thorough process. Your case is personally handled by an experienced Immigration Lawyer. Stephen K. Tills, former Justice of the Peace and practicing law in Western New York for over 15 years.
Employment Visa
All initial processing and extensions to your visa are prepared and processed through the office of Stephen K. Tills:

Many visas fall under these categories listed below. We are experienced in all phases, form start to finish to your satisfaction.

B1 & B2 - visitors for pleasure and for business
E1 & E2 - treaty investors and treaty traders
F1, M1 - students
H1A - registered nurses
H1B - professionals, performing a specialty occupation
H2A - agricultural workers
H2B - seasonal and short term workers
H3 - trainees
H4 - dependents
I - journalists, news media
J & Q - exchange visitors
K - fiancees
L - intracompany transferees
O - aliens of extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences or business
P - performing entertainers and athletes
P1 - internationally known athletes and entertainment groups
P2 - artists performing under a reciprocal exchange program
P3 - culturally unique entertainers
P4 - dependents
R - religious workers
permanent employment


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